Chipping Tips


Chipping should be easy.  It has the fewest moving parts and the shortest swing of anything in golf except for putting, but many golfers struggle to get the ball close with chip shots.

I think this stems from picking up bad habits early on.  You can be a beginning golfer, take way too big of a swing, hit behind the ball taking distance off, and end up close to the hole.  You might even assume you hit a good shot, when in fact you terribly mishit the ball just to get the ball close.

By learning to chip correctly, you will set yourself up to have more success.  You will learn the other areas of the game faster since a lot of the same principles apply.  It is also an important shot to get down because even good golfers chip 2-6 times per round.  The risk and reward factor is pretty high with a chip.  If you hit the ground first and the ball moves only a few feet, you have wasted a shot and might have to try it again.  If you hit the chip thin (strike the ball too high), then the ball will go rolling past the target.

The reward for a good chip is pretty substantial, get it close and you should be able to make the putt.  This will enable you to make more pars.

Most of the time when golfers make a mistake with a chip shot they hit the ground first and produce a fat shot.  The chipping technique that I like to use will help you strike the ball correctly each time and produce a more consistent chip shot.

With a little practice with our chipping drills it will not take long for you to be able to become a good chipper. The following articles featured detailed information on different areas of the chipping game.  If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to send me an email and I’ll explain the solution as best I can.


  • Setup: Ball should be positioned two inches behind your center.
  • Shot Technique: Keep your hands, wrists, and lower body quiet.
  • Distance Control: Your follow through should be longer than your backswing.



Common Problems/Solutions