Cleveland CG Black Driver Review

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Cleveland has come out with the lightest driver on the market. The Cleveland CG Black driver weighs only 265 grams, a lot less than any driver being sold today. This is supposed to increase swing speed and does just that in the hands of a golfer. The purpose of increasing the swing speed of a golfer is to generate more distance off the tee box. The teardrop head design also helps the aerodynamics of this driver through a golfer’s swing.

The face of the CG Black driver is also thinner, allowing the ball to spring off the face at impact. The purpose of all of these technological advances is only to improve distance, which almost every golfer desires. According to Cleveland, the weight screw in the back of the driver head is adjustable. This means that a golfer can change the center-of-gravity on the club for their swing. The weight screw is also suppose to generate a higher launch angle and give the driver a draw biased to help out those golfers with slicing problem.


Using a lighter driver does generate faster swing speeds with little effort. However, since the Cleveland CG Black driver is weighs a lot less than any of the other clubs in your golf bag, it will take getting used to. You may never get used to swing this club or have problems adjusting to the use of your other clubs, unless you have more experience. This is not for the beginning golfer or high-handicapper, but better mid-handicappers to scratch golfers may benefit from this golf club.

The biggest problem with this driver is the price. You can find it for around $400, which is considerably more than most golfers like to spend on one golf club. You will have to demo this golf club before spending this kind of money, because the driver is not for every golfer, even if Cleveland markets that it is. Less experienced golfers need to spend their money on lessons and not golf clubs. Better mid-handicappers to scratch golfers may want to take a look and see if this driver is for them.

The Good

The lighter driver increases your swing speed by as much as 5 miles-per-hour or anywhere from 15 to 20 yards. This is nice to have when you are playing a longer Par 4 or Par 5. This helps you put a shorter iron in your hands for that all important approach shot. If you are struggling with your drive, the Cleveland CG Black driver may be the golf club that helps you out more than a golfer that is just looking for more distance. The aerodynamics of the club head and the spring-like effect of the club face definitely improves the feel upon contact. One thing most reviewers using this driver for the first time commented on was the extra distance they received on off-center hits. They still lost distance, but considerably less than what they expected.

The Bad

There is very little negatives about this club other than the fact it is a driver that takes some time to get use to playing. In order to transition properly from this driver to an iron, it will take some practice. The alignment feature is also a negative. This is why the Cleveland CG Black driver is better for an experienced golfer. Most golfers also look at the price of a golf club and this driver is higher than most. This turned a lot of the golfers off that liked this driver. They would rather lose 10 yards of distance than spend this kind of money on one golf club.

Bottom Line

A good club for those golfers struggling with distance. They can slow down their swing, but still get a respectable distance out of their drive. The draw biased of this driver will also help straighten out some drives, but it will not completely remove a slice if you are having that swing problem.


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    A Great Driver. Only Problem Is That The Average Golfer will Not Pay The Price. I Tried And It really Worked For me.

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