Golf Practice


There is no secret that will get you to become a better golfer.  If there were I would bottle it up and be a multi-millionaire.  Everyone wants a shortcut, but if you want to lower your scores you are going to have to put in some time practicing.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that if you practice smart you can be efficient and see more improvement to your game in less time.  Practicing smart means getting more out of each session.  You need to identify your weaknesses, perform the correct drills, and treat every swing like it’s for real.


In order to improve you need feedback.  Feedback will let you know if you are performing a movement correctly.  Quality feedback is immediate.

If you think about how most golfers practice their putting what feedback are they getting?  They use the hole.  Does the hole provide accurate feedback?  It’s terrible.  Bad putts sometimes fall into the hole and good putts sometimes miss.  That’s just the nature of the beast.  Worse yet, if you miss a putt the hole will not tell you why.  Did you aim left, not read enough break, pull your swing path left, or close your face at impact?

Establish a Routine

You need to approach every shot that you take, whether it’s during practice or when playing on the course, exactly the same way.  You are not only practicing your swing, but also how you prepare for the shot.  If you have a routine you follow once you start it up on the course your mind will know it’s time to focus and the repetition will calm your nerves.

Work on Alignment

If you setup differently on each shot how are you going to groove the same swing?  If you are not concentrating on aiming towards a target you are going to develop bad swing habits.  This means that not only will you not improve during your practice time, but you are likely to get worse.

Hold Your Follow Through

Your short term memory lasts about eight seconds, but every movement you take flushes out some of the previous feelings and replaces them with the new stimulus.  If you want to ingrain the feel of each swing you take, hold your finish.  Even if it’s a bad swing, this will allow your subconscious to associate the previous movement with the negative movement, increasing the chances you avoid it in the future.

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