How to Fix a Golf Slice

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A slice is caused by a golfer striking a golf ball in a way that makes it spin sideways. For right-handed golfers, the ball shoots out straight, but is spinning so much that it will curve to the right. Left-handed golfers have the same problem, but in the opposite direction, the golf ball spins to the left.

A lot of golfers have a slice problem. The main cause for a slice is when the golfer strikes the golf ball with an outside to inside swing plane. This means that as you transition from your back swing, you take the club outside where the golf ball is sitting. As you bring the club through impact, the club head starts moving to the inside of where the ball is sitting.

Another common cause of a slice is having the ball too far forward. You want the golf ball slightly forward of the center of your stance. Even with the heel of your front foot if you are hitting the ball with your driver. If the ball is too far forward, then your shoulders open up too soon which creates an outside to inside swing plane. To correct this problem, move the golf ball farther back in your stance and try hitting it from that address position.

Improper weight transfer can also cause you to slice the ball. This happens when you are not transferring the weight from your back foot to your front foot when following through with your swing. This transfer problem does not allow the club face to close on the ball properly at impact. An easy way to correct this problem is to practice hitting the ball by taking a step forward as you strike the ball and follow through.

One other cause of a slice is when you impact the golf ball with an open club face. You have not closed the face at impact and the open club face will put a spin on the ball that will cause it to slice. You want your club face to strike the ball squarely. Try adjusting the position of your hands or make sure you start rotating your wrists at impact to correct this problem.  Check out our article on how to grip the golf club so you have a stronger grip.

You may have to make several adjustment to correct a slice because it can be caused by more than one of these problems. The first thing you want to do is start making one adjustment at a time. For example, try moving the ball back in your stance. If you are still slicing the ball, move the ball back to it original position and try the weight transfer drill.

If you have tried every corrective action one at a time, try implementing two corrective actions. For example, move the ball back in your stance and try the weight transfer drill simultaneously. Sooner or later you will discover which problem or combination of problems is causing your slice. Once you have figured out the cause, then you can easily make the adjustment so you do not slice the ball any more.

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