How to Keep Your Putts From Bouncing

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Some golfers do not understand that the putter has a little loft on the face of the club. Remember, since the ball is on the green, you don’t want to hit down on it before it starts rolling towards the hole.  What you want to do is have it roll perfectly along the top of the grass from the moment your putter makes impact.  However, some golfers have a problem with the ball bouncing too much after contact.

The ball is always lifted slightly off of the grass, then skids a little before beginning to roll across the green. You want to limit that bounce and skidding as much as possible to get the ball completely on the ground as soon as possible. Popping up the ball or causing it to bounce across the green knocks the ball off the putting line, and adds inconsistency to your putts since you will not have the same amount of bounce on every putting surface.

If you are having a problem with your ball bouncing on the green then there could be a couple of things that you are doing wrong. Here are the most common problems that cause the ball to bounce on the green and the ways to correct those problems.

The most common cause of bouncing the ball on the green in the loft of the putter face. Some golfers buy their putters off the shelf and these putters generally have 3 to 4-degree loft on the putter face. For your putting stroke, this could be too much loft and you need to get fitted for a putter with the right loft for your swing. One way you can de-loft the putter face is by pressing your hands forward when addressing the ball. By using the forward press, you remove the loft of the putter.

Another cause of the ball bouncing on the green is striking the ball too much on the up-swing of the putting stroke. You want to strike the ball slightly in front of the lowest part of your putting stroke. If you impact the ball too much on the up-swing of your follow through, then it will pop up or bounce across the green. A good way to correct this is find out where the lowest part of your putting stroke is in your stance. Stand on a some 1-inch plywood and mark the heel of your putter with a black marker. Take your putting stance and take a normal putting stroke so that the heel of the putter will brush the edge of the plywood. Look at where the mark brushed against the plywood and see where that mark is in your stance. You want the ball to sit within 1 inch of this spot in your stance.

One other common problem that cause your ball to bounce on the green is hinging your wrists during your putting stroke. You do not want any wrist action throughout your putting swing. You can try a new grip, like the cross-handed grip, to remove the chances of wrist hinging or change putters to the belly or long putter. If you don’t want to change your grip or replace your putter, then you will have to concentrate on keeping your wrists hinging through your putting stroke. Some golfers like to take a forward press of the putter at address, which provides them with more rhythm and less wrist cock during their putting stroke.

So the next time you find yourself consistently bouncing on the green, then go to the practice green and work on these adjustments. Find out which one of these is causing the problem and make the proper adjustment.

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