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We all read the box on the golf balls that we buy and sometimes the companies wording is a little complicated, similar to what Srixon says about their Q-Star golf balls. The fact is that these are one of the best golf balls on the market in this price category. The Q-Star give you all the abilities of the Star series, which include spin, trajectory, acceleration and responsiveness, but the average golfer needs to know what all of this means.

According to Srixon, this means that you can spin the ball around the greens, but have less spin from your tee shots. The core and design allow the ball to accelerate through the wind at a above average trajectory. The responsiveness of the Q-Star golf ball is the ability to draw, fade or spin the ball when you need to make one of those shots. The difference between the Q-Star and the Z-Star, the tour-level golf ball, is the layers. The Q-Star only has two-layers or is a two-piece golf ball. The cover is a blend of two different materials that allow the ball to travel at a piercing trajectory providing you more distance, while the ball has a softer core on the outside and gets firmer towards the middle of the core. This design is suppose to give you more control of the golf ball.


For a golf ball priced at an MSRP of only $25 a dozen, the Srixon Z-Star golf ball does pretty much what it says it will do. The ball has less spin when hit with a driver, but when hit with a wedge, the golf ball will spin or, as some of the golfers found out, will at least stop quicker. This is important when you are trying to get close to the pin. Many times a golfer will hit a good shot to the green only to watch it roll across the green, instead of stop like they want. You won’t have that problem with the Q-Star.

This Srixon golf ball was designed for golfers that have a 10 handicap or higher. It was hit by every skill level, but the golfers with a lower handicap wanted more spin that the Q-Star provided them. The mid-handicappers rated this golf ball the highest. They liked the distance they got off the Tee box and found that the side spin they were getting with other golf balls were not as prevalent in the Q-Star balls. However, they still had problems getting the ball to stop as quick as they wanted with their short irons. The only thing the mid-handicappers found that could make the ball stop as quick as they wanted was the wedges and many times they were too far out to hit these clubs into the green.


  1. Optimized for distance.
  2. Energetic Gradient Growth core that is polybutadiene.
  3. Rabalon® & Pana-Tetra® Blended Cover.
  4. 324 dimples that make the ball fly farther.
  5. Two-piece golf ball for distance and spin capabilities.
  6. Comes in pure white and tour yellow colors.

Bottom Line

for the money, a mid-handicapper will not find a better golf ball. The Srixon Q-Star is exactly what is needed by these golfers. High-handicappers may not want to pay this much for a golf ball that they will lose most of the time, but there are other balls they should look at in the lower price range, if that is their concern. The golfers that are looking for a ball they can control a little better and give them more distance. If you are a 10 to 15 handicapper, you may want to look at using these golf balls.

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