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  1. Jordan J. Caron
    August 31, 2012


    Nice post and topic.

    I used to get very angry when I was a junior. My expectations were high and would get frustrated over lots of things.

    Although I was a good player, my temper held me back. But more importantly like your putter hitting friend, I looked like a jackass on the course.

    Getting angry on the course is selfish. Why? Because you ruin the round for your playing partners.

    As I have aged my temper has dissappeared. And the reason is because I finally relized how big of an ass I was and how it effected my playing partners golfing experience.

    It’s best to practice anger management in every day life. Don’t get pissed off when someone cuts you off or if your partner makes a snide remark. Let it go. In doing so you’ll be ingraining a more calming mindset which will help your scores.


    • John Macgregor
      September 5, 2012

      Very good points Jordan. Not only do your scores suffer when you overdo your anger but nobody wants to play with you either.

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