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TaylorMade has announced the first all-terrain versatility wedge that is on the market today, the TaylorMade ATV wedges. Unlike many of the other wedges on the market, the ATV wedges are suppose to provide you the same performance under any golf conditions or for any type of lie, whether it be the rough, sand bunker or fairway. According to TaylorMade, these all-terrain versatility wedges are designed for six different shots: tight lies, sand bunker shots, shots from the rough, chip shots, pitch shots or those tricky flop shots. This makes choosing a wedge a lot easier and you do not have to pay as much attention to the lie of the wedge and bounce of the wedge.


The new ATV wedges produced by TaylorMade for 2012 have definitely revolutionized the wedge market. If it performs as well as TaylorMade says it will for each type of shot, other manufacturers will start making their wedges perform the same way and reduce the complication of finding the right lie and bounce of your wedges. The technology put into these wedges have come from comments made by PGA players that wanted a wedge they could use under any condition. The fact is that even with all this technology designed into the ATV wedges, they still come in at a reasonable MSRP: $119.





Available In


Swing Weight

50° All Terrain 64° R 35.5° D3 304 Stainless Steel
52° All Terrain 64° R/L 35.5° D3 304 Stainless Steel
54° All Terrain 64° R 35.25° D4 304 Stainless Steel
56° All Terrain 64° R/L 35.25° D4 304 Stainless Steel
58° All Terrain 64° R 35° D5 304 Stainless Steel
60° All Terrain 64° R/L 35° D5 304 Stainless Steel
64° All Terrain 64° R 35° D5 304 Stainless Steel


The Good

The feel of these wedges are not surpassed by any other wedge on the market. What ever TaylorMade did to make these wedges feel the same for the different shots, they need to keep doing, because the ATV wedges do feel reasonably the same whether you are hitting ball from the rough or a sand bunker. The wedges even comply with the new USGA regulations pertaining to the grooves, so you will not be disqualified if you play in a sanctioned golf tournament.

The Bad

Unless you are relatively experienced at shot making, then these wedges are not for you. The bounce changes, depending on the position of the club head for the different shots. If you are a beginning golfer, then you will not know this and could hurt your short game by getting more or less bounce than your require for each type of short shot you need to make. Other than the ever-changing bounce, these wedges will make other manufacturers take a look at the way they design wedges.

Bottom Line

TaylorMade has been a leader in golf club design for many years and the new ATV wedges do not disappoint. If you are a player that makes a lot of different shots and carry several different wedges in your bag in order to make those shots, throw them out and buy one or two of the ATV wedges to replace the old wedges. The wedges perform as well as any of the more expensive wedges and you don’t have to worry to much about getting fitted for the right bounce or lie.

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