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TaylorMade has come out with a new line of drivers. The TaylorMade RocketBallz (RBZ) line of clubs is their first series of clubs the company has come out with in some time. Since I am a TaylorMade user, I had to see for myself if all the advertising and reviews were as good as what everyone else, including the company, was saying about this new driver. I still use the Burner because I was disappointed and confused about the R11 model TaylorMade came out with. That driver had too many moving parts and it was a little difficult to adjust.


The new RocketBallz driver comes in two different types, one for the average golfer and one for the PGA tour professional. The RocketBallz used by average golfers has a larger face with more forgiveness, while the RocketBallz Tour driver has a smaller head and designed for the more accomplished golfer. This new series of clubs is completely different than the R5, R7, R9 or even the advanced R11 series. TaylorMade has incorporated everything they have learned from the past into this new driver. Designing a simpler driver that even the average golfer can manipulate, including limiting the adjustments that can be made. One of the best things I like about the RBZ is the price. It comes in at $100 less than the R11 and was released on February 3, 2012 at a suggested MSRP of $299.


Club 9.5 10.5 HL
Hand R/L R/L R
Head Properties
Loft 9.5° 10.5° HL
Lie Angle 59.5° 59.5° 59.5°
Head Volume 460cc 460cc 460cc
Club Properties
Club Length 46″ 46″ 46″
Club Swing Weight D4 D4 D4


Shaft Properties


Flex X S R L
Weight 46g 46g 46g 46g
Torque 4.4 4.5 4.5 4.6
Tip Size .350 .350 .350 .350
Tractory Mid/High Mid/High Mid/High High
Tip Profile Mid Mid Mid Mid
Swing Tempo Smooth Smooth Smooth Slow


The Good

Besides the price, one of the best things about the RocketBallz driver is how easy it is to adjust. Unlike the R11 driver, the RBZ only has two different adjustments that can be made. It comes with a wrench to make these adjustments. You can go out to the driving range and adjust the loft and lie of the club until it matches your golf swing. Another aspect that I like about the RBZ driver is the color. It comes in a white head, similar to the R11 and can easily be aligned on the golf ball during address. The white head stands out and only has the alignment mark, which makes it easier to see. The RBZ feels lighter than the other Taylormade driver, which promotes club-head speed. Once it strikes the golf ball, it acts like a trampoline shooting the golf ball off its face. The launch angle is better than the other TaylorMade drivers I have used. The RBZ did increase my average driving distance by 15 yards.

The Bad

This driver is not for the beginning golfer. Unless you know how to swing a driver properly, this club could get you into trouble. Since the club weight is less than most drivers, less than 300 grams, you cannot feel where the club head is located in your back swing. Average golfers will love the feel of the club, but it does not have as much forgiveness as the other TaylorMade drivers with larger sweet spots. Experienced golfers will want to purchase the RBZ Tour driver because of the shot control they will get from the tour model. The RBZ that is made for average golfers and has very little shot shape control when hitting the club.

Bottom Line

The RocketBallz Driver is the best series TaylorMade has brought to the market in a long time. If you are looking for more distance and straighter shots, this is the driver for you. More experienced golfers will want to purchase the RBZ Tour driver for more shot shaping ability.

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For a more about the RBZ driver, watch the 2012 RBZ Driver Review video below with Tom Olsavsky, TaylorMade Golf’s Senior Director of Product Creation.

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    i recently bought TM -RBZ driver – i dont know how to adjust the loft angle-1.5 and face adjustment 3 deg-is there any video presentation anywhere i can see how it is done.

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  2. ric flair

    i purchased an RBZ driver recently and am very disappointed with it’s performance.they may seem initially to fly off the face but they just drop out of the sky. they are alright for about 230 yards. i hit my mizuno last saturday 320 and 310 and it’s a blue fire about 10 years old, it also flies off the face but it penertrates where as the RBZ doe’s not, It’s all pulling the wool over peoples eyes with all the bull techno stuff .the launch angle ,spin rate and all that balony, they would not be so low priced if they were any good

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  3. Ali

    I recently bought a rbz driver and its perfect for me. Anybody saying against it would be an enemy for rbz its the best.

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