TaylorMade Rocketballz Irons Review

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The TaylorMade RocketBallz irons are the most innovative irons the company has come out with in a long time. Not since the introduction of the R-series irons, has TaylorMade made such an improvement in their irons. According to TaylorMade, you will get a lot more distance from these irons because of the new technology designed into the clubs. The company goes as far as to say that your distance will improve so much it will make you laugh. The re-engineered face structure and Toe-Bar design is what makes the golf ball shoot off the face like a rocket.


If you had to pick irons to buy to improve your game the most, these would be the irons. The new design and technology constructed into the RocketBallz irons will definitely provide you more distance. So much distance, that you will have to practice with each of the irons to re-figure the distance you get with each club. The sweet spot is larger for the RocketBallz irons and a little smaller for the RocketBallz Max irons, but average golfers will not find it to be a problem. Beginning golfers should start out with these irons once they start striking the ball better. The workability of the irons is also impressive. However, you will be paying for these innovative golf clubs. The MSRP for the Rocketballz irons is $699 for steel shafts and $799 for graphite shafts, but if you are an experienced golfer and want to get the Max irons in this series, you will find yourself paying $1299.


Club Loft Lie Offset Flex Length Swing Weight
17.5° 61° 6.5mm S,R 39.5″ D3.5 D2.5-Graphite
20° 61.5° 6.1mm S,R,M Graphite 39.210″ D3.5 D2.5-Graphite
23° 62° 5.7mm S,R,M Graphite 38.25″ D3.5 D2.5-Graphite
26.5° 62.5° 5.3mm S,R,M Graphite 37.625″ D3.5 D2.5-Graphite
30.5° 63° 4.2mm S,R,M Graphite 37″ D3.5 D2.5-Graphite
35° 63.5° 3.5mm S,R,M Graphite 36.5″ D3.5 D2.5-Graphite
40° 64° 2.7mm S,R,M Graphite 36″ D3.5 D2.5-Graphite
45° 64.5° 2.0mm S,R,M Graphite 35.5″ D3.5 D2.5-Graphite
50° 64.5° 1.5mm S,R,M Graphite 35.5″ D3.5 D2.5-Graphite
55° 64.5° 1.3mm S,R,M Graphite 35.25″ D4 D3-Graphite
60° 64.5° 1.3mm S,R,M Graphite 35″ D4 D3-Graphite


The Good

The distance improvement is the most noticeable thing on these clubs. An overall increase of 15 yards per club was discovered by most people sampling this new TaylorMade iron design. The feel is comfortable and upon impact you get enough feedback to make adjustments to your swing. The looks are impressive as well. The lighter feel and shape of the heads make this iron easy to align to the ball. Once you see that you can slow down your swing and get just as much distance, or more, than you did with your previous irons, you will find that your shot making ability will improve.

The Bad

The price always puts golfers off. The RocketBallz irons are not that badly priced and if you do a search on the Internet, you may be able to find them cheaper, but the experienced golfer will want the RocketBallz Max irons and they will have to pay the price. If you are a serious golfer, it is worth it, but expect to keep these clubs for a while. Other than the price, there is very little that is bad about these irons. TaylorMade has finally made improvements over the R-series irons every TaylorMade lover will enjoy.

Bottom Line

No golfer that is at the point of improving their game should not buy the TaylorMade RocketBallz irons. These are one of the best, if not the best, irons out there. If you want to get more distance, straighter shots and more control over your shot making ability, then these are the golf clubs you need in your bag. Look at the TaylorMade RocketBallz irons view review below or check out what the PGA professionals have to say abut these irons at the TaylorMade YouTube channel.

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13 Responses to “TaylorMade Rocketballz Irons Review”

  1. aK

    What does this mean, “No golfer that is at the point of improving their game should not buy the TaylorMade RocketBallz irons.”

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    • John Macgregor

      These are a great set of clubs for players who want to improve their ball striking. If you are already a good player, probably not the club for you.

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    • Not you

      It’s a double negative, which equals a positive, used in order to express emphasis. It means, “All golfers that are at the point of improving their game should buy the TaylorMade RocketBallz irons.”

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  2. Rob

    I am an already good golfer (10 handicap) and played with the RBZ clubs with steel regular stiff shafts… I LOVE THEM and so much I purchased a set just now off the TaylorMadeGolf.com website… 4-PW+SW and will probably order the LW and also loved the driver/woods (probably not 5w) but now looking for a good putter and bag :) they are some amazing clubs.. flat out…

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  3. paleman27

    I just bought these clubs last week. Pretty nice when you hit the clubface on the sweet spot. The only thing I don’t agree 100% ( or even 60%) is that they are SGI (Super Game Improvement or Max Game Improvement) Clubs. I’m not saying they are “hard to hit”, but for a High Handicaper, there are easier to hit and more forgiving clubs out there.

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  4. Dwayne

    Can these be “fitted” as in have the lie adjusted to fit my swing style and shape?

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    • John Macgregor

      Yes they can and I recommend you get a fitting before making any purchase. No sense paying all that money for new clubs and not have them be perfect for you.

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  5. ian

    Just returned from America with a set of these irons (4-AW) in my hands! First trip to the range here and I am stunned. My 4 iron in my old set was a 175 yard club, I was hitting the 4 iron 200 yards today! And pretty straight too. I noticed that most clubs were giving me around 15-20 yards extra but the 4 and 5 gave me around 25 extra. The feel was excellent and the short irons felt really sweet, the AW is perfect for my game as the 100/110 yards distance is a real weak spot for me. I hit every AW dead straight. Looking forward to a few more range visits then out on the course. I am an 18 handicapper (have been as low as 12 in my prime!)

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  6. Eddie

    Have you been able to hit the new rocketbladez?
    If so how do they compare to the rocketballz irons?
    Is it worth the extra money for the rocketbladez?

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    • John Macgregor

      I haven’t had a chance, but I’m very excited to. Let me know what you think if you give them a shot.

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  7. Bill Hesse

    How much adjustments ( degrees ) can you make to these heads. They are cast irons and not sure how much bend I can put on these to adjust the lie angle.

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  8. Ben

    This set is on sale at Carl’s Golf Land in Livonia, MI near my house. I’ve seen pricing for this set go at around $600 or $700 but right now they are going for $400 w/ bag. That price, coupled with the positive reviews I have been reading, has convinced me to go for it. I’m especially excited to see how I like the lob, pitching, and 9-iron since chipping is the strongest part of my game. Thank you for the article!

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