What Golf Ball You Should Use

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Once you have decided on what clubs are best for your game, it is time to choose a golf ball to use. Many golfer use just any old golf ball and do not think about what using that type of golf ball will do to their game. With all the options on the market today, you may be wondering what golf ball should I use?

Since the year 2000, golf ball technology has advanced so much that you can decide whether you want distance from a golf ball, control or for the golf ball to spin more, as well as other factors. When choosing the golf ball for your golf game, you must take these factors under consideration, as well as what golf ball is within your budget. The more advanced the golf ball, the more you will pay per dozen.

Most golf experts recommend that you go get fitted for the right golf ball, just like you would for a set of golf clubs. This is a good idea, but there are other things you can consider, such as the whether you are playing golf in the summer or in the winter, whether you want the ball to spin a lot or very little or, most importantly, how good of a golfer you are.

By looking at the seasonal conditions, you will want a golf ball with more feel and that lands softer when you play in the summer months. Golf balls go farther in warmer weather, than they do in colder weather. In the summer months, distance is really not a problem, so the more feel, softer landing and control you have, the better you will play.

If you are playing in the winter months, it is best to use a golf ball that provides more distance. Typically in the winter months the fairways are softer and the golf balls to not travel as farther in colder weather. Because of this, you will want to get the maximum carry distance out of a golf ball, this will require a golf ball that was designed to give you more distance.

Your skill level also plays a role in deciding which golf ball to use. If you have a problem with slicing the golf ball, then a tour type of golf ball is not for you and will exaggerate your slice. Here you want a golf ball that is designed to go straighter, the distance does not make a difference. You want a straighter shot and then distance will come.

Beginning golfers need to use golf balls that give them more distance. As you get better, then transition to a golf ball that gives you more feel. When you begin to get better, you will want to start getting better golf balls that are more specific for your golf game. Remember, you must play the same golf ball from tee to green.

If you play in a tournament, you need to play with the same brand name golf ball, as well as the same type of golf ball. You cannot change the type of golf ball during a round of golf when playing in a tournament. You also cannot use a golf ball that provides more distance when you hit it off the tee box and then switch over to a golf ball that provides more spin or better feel when hitting the golf ball to the green.

The best advice is to have a professional fit you for a specific type of golf ball. Most manufacturers make golf balls for every skill level and for every type of golf swing. The golf ball you use will make a difference in how well you play a round of golf.

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