Why Use Hybrid Golf Clubs

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When most golfers start playing the first equipment that they own features a driver, 3-wood, maybe a 5-wood, then some irons, wedges, and a putter.  However, one of the best innovations of the past ten years has been the hybrid.


These clubs combine the features of irons and woods giving the player the best of both worlds.  Long irons (numbered 1-5) are more difficult to hit since there is a small face and little loft.  Plus, they are terrible out of the rough.  Woods go a little further, which can mean a bigger gap between clubs and distance control becomes and issue.

Ball Flight

With a hybrid you get a more lofted, shorter shafted club that is easier to hit and will fly straighter off of the face.  The ball carries high and has more backspin, tending to drop down to the green at a sharp angle so the ball hits the ground softly.  Due to their ability to cut through rough, some companies call their hybrids “rescue” clubs, indicating it can save a player from undesirable situations.


There are several different lofts that you can choose from with lofts ranging from 18 degrees up to 33 degrees.  Some players carry multiple lofts of hybrids in their bags, replacing most of their longer irons.  I personally carry a lower lofted hybrid instead of a 2 or 3 iron, but I’ve played with other scratch golfers who use higher lofted hybrids instead of 4 or 5 irons as well.

How to Hit a Hybrid

Since the club has more loft than a long iron, you want to play the ball more towards the middle of your stance and come down on it like you are hitting a mid iron.  The club can be used from almost any situation: off the tee, from the fairway, out of the rough, and around the green.  The biggest benefits I have seen have come from shots out of longer grass.  These used to give players a lot of trouble as the reduced loft made a 3 or 4 iron impossible to hit.  The leading edge of the hybrid and the weight of the club enable it to cut through the grass easier, giving the golfer a cleaner contact and more distance.

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